End Of The Road

  • Deadly Plagues and Death Metal: An Interview with Sammy Duet

    I talk with Sammy Duet of Goatwhore and Acid Bath fame about what life is like off the road for somebody who doesn't remember what it's like, what he's listening to during the pandemic, and his new ESP signature guitar coming out this year.
  • A. Rippin' Apocalypse: An Interview with Amos Rifkin

    Apart from drumming for Deceased, Death Of Kings (and sometimes Savage Master), Amos also runs A. Rippin' Productions and books basically all the punk, rock, hardcore, and metal shows in Atlanta worth a shit. We talk about how the virus has put the brakes to ALL of that.
  • TEXAS PUNK KILLS: An interview with Chris Bonner

    I talk with Chris Bonner of Frozen Soul, Steel Bearing Hand, Obstruction, Tolar, Wild//Tribe, and Unit 21 about the history of Texas hardcore punk, what it's like touring Japan, and what the future holds for his million different bands.
  • Can't Lose What's Lost: An Interview with Cello

    I chat with Marcello Murphy (Cello), proprietor of the quintessential Austin metal venue The Lost Well, about having to clear calendars and cancel shows and how live music venues have to adapt or die.
  • Off the Road with Pussyröt

    I sit down with Brent, Rob, and Hennessey of Pussyröt to talk about cancelled tours, a general lack of drugs, and how much of a piece of shit you have to be to qualify as "Pantera drunk."