Denihilator formed in Austin, Texas in the summer of 2017. A throwback to early 90’s Scandinavian Grindcore ( a la Nasum and Carnage), the band played a handful of now legendary house shows and grind battle sets before recording their first and final album, “wwiv”. The album was recorded by John Petri (The Blood Royale, Ungrieved) and Justin McLenny (Krigblast) at Come and Track It Studios, mastered by Jack Control (Severed Head Of State, World Burns To Death, Butcher) at Enormous Door Studios, and released on a limited cassette run (66 worldwide) via Caustic Hollow Records. The band split following vocalist Robert Penson’s departure to Australia, and bassist Gable Morgan’s subsequent move to New Orleans to form the band Hanged Man and start the Caustic Hollow Record Label.
Vocals - Robert Penson
Guitar – Doug Parks
Bass – Gable Morgan
Drums – Andrew Crommie