Godless Studios

Godless Studios is a fully equipped recording studio with an impressive variety of vintage and boutique instruments/recording equipment available, as well as an experienced engineer on hand to help direct the process and see that your vision is realized. We have extensive knowledge and resources for handling the recording and post-production of any and all projects (not exclusively our own recordings or releases), universally across all formats and styles.

Audio Engineering Rates:

Recording – 50/song * 250/day (up to 8 hours)

Mixing – 50/song * 150/ep (up to 5 songs) * 250/lp (up to 10 songs)

Mastering – 25/song * 100/ep (up to 5 songs) * 200/lp (up to 10 songs)

Packages – 100/song * 250/ep (up to 5 songs) * 450/lp (up to 10 songs)

*Rates for more than 10 songs can be negotiated on a case by case basis.